Two and a half men "Real" next session First Episode

Two and a half menIf the show continued as it started then it will be like thisNext session will start with Alan waking up from the nightmare of Ashton Kutcher taking over the show and he find out that Charlie is still allive , soon after that this is what gonna happenFade InPlace Morning In the ... (Continue Reading)

Happy Fucking Holidays

Its this time of the year , where all i want is vent my anger at the mentally incapacitated fucking world.I hate all holidays equally so if you think the title of this fucking essay is an attempt on political correctness then i would like to state the following “Fuck Christmas, Fuck Chanukah, Fuc... (Continue Reading)

Arab American Dis-tellectual discussion

An Arab and American talking politics after finishing a class and heading to a bar.American: So what you think of the situation in the Arab worldArab: Its fucked upAmerican: Dont you think those revolutions are good?Arab: did you guys consider the civil war a good idea when it happened ?American:... (Continue Reading)


Dating is crazy subject to divulge into every detail of it. Today I am focusing about who we want to Do and who we don’t want to do. It’s not about personality, not about long term dating, not about how to scoring a sadly ever after. Its about Doing and only doing.We have to be discriminating abo... (Continue Reading)

Smartphones Psychology

I have a smartphone, Windows Phone to be specific. So far it never acted smartly. It never guess what I am thinking of,never came with a witty idea despite the many sarcastic posts I wrote on its keyboard.  I had to write everything I thought of , I had to use my own brain to achieve anything I w... (Continue Reading)

The difference between coding and the art of writing code

I love this article by Phil Haack  titled “Death to the IF statement,” it remind me of my first attempt at removing all “if”s from my code and writing a fully logical project for automating a building control center. It was a challenge that i gave my self and made the professor surprised at spee... (Continue Reading)

Why You Need To Get Married

As the marriage institution welcomes the gay community as their newest member. We want to remind people what is marriage and why you need to get married. Getting married is the dream of every person who is not mentally ill. Find this special someone, put her in handcuffs and through her in a padd... (Continue Reading)

Hanging by a thread

I overheard Amanda saying that she don’t care, She is leaving without me. I felt so scared and alone. I was trapped and did not know how to get her attention to where I was. I have been dealing with her shit all this time and she is just moving on. I was so pissed i felt like punching her in the ... (Continue Reading)

Oh My Allah

An important subject that I felt in desperate need to be addressed for the western world is understanding Arabs fascination with Allah. I think the issue is very important and rank up there with things like who gonna be the next American Idol or more importantly which celebrity sex tape gonna be ... (Continue Reading)

API Haven

So I spent last week to streamline the process of calling APIs from my C# code, and at the same time add oAuth support for my app, I think the starting point was a twitter API class in C# and then I moved away from it and added oAuth supportIts couple of classes and then for each... (Continue Reading)

Old Computers

Old ComputersThis is the first computer I ever had, my father bought it to me on 1986, I started using it as a game console and my cousin Raid taught me how to write some programs so I wrote my first program for tracking the world soccer Cup in Mexico 1986. I did not have a recording media , so e... (Continue Reading)

Master Degree Project

Computer Aided Design for Centralized Optical Network (CAD implemented by using VB 3 and Access database). Project Goals:This was my master degree project. I also published a paper regarding this solution in the university of technology magazine. I used Visual Basic Version 3.00. The project cont... (Continue Reading)

Soccer Predictions

Designing and implementing software for predicting the soccer matches results for a League (Published weekly in Newspaper) using quick Basic.This software took a lot of time collecting information about the soccer teams and also evaluating the players. it take into consideration the players who w... (Continue Reading)

Burger Time Clone

Building Burger Time clone game using Z-80 Assembly language for NEC PC 6001 ComputerIn May 1989 I started the design and implementation of Burger Time, a game using Z-80 Assembly language (I have challenged myself to develop a computer game) I started by disassembling graphics programs and rewri... (Continue Reading)

جميلة بين أخطائي

ماذا تفعلينجميلة بين أخطائيلا أعلم ماذا تريدينو لكن أيامي سعيدةبما تجيدينأناملي مجنونة حين تُلمسينأأنا من المساكين؟شعرك يغطي وجهيأنت تداعبينافي عينيكِ ارىجمال ويقينسيكون ربي سعيداًاذا بدأت تتعرين (Continue Reading)

تعلمي معي على عدم الأمان

تعلمي معي على عدم الأمانفأنا انسان بلا أوطانأن أحببتيني فكوني وطنيو تصبحين أنت سيدة البلدانفأنا بلا هوية و بلا حدودو ليس لي أي مكان في هذا الزمانو لكنني بين يديكأعيش في أجمل الأوطانمعكِ كتسبتٌ حرية الرأيالتصويت و أيضاً حق العصيانملأت حياتي دوماًبمشاعر تهيج كالبركانمعك أصبحت اليالي قصيدة تأمل في ب... (Continue Reading)


قبلينيتناسي آلام الزمان و اغرقينياجعلي ليلي سعيداًاعبدينيكوني لي كل النساءاغمرينياجعليني ساذجاًاخلقينياتركي كل الملابسدعي عينيكِ تعرينياجمعي كل اللياليارقصي حوليكوني لي شهرزاداًأثيرينيداعبينيمزقي كل التعاليمتمادياجعلي ليلي بدونكِ قاتماًلا ترحمينيبين ساقيك ضعينيبين حافات السرير أضيعينياجعلي نبضي س... (Continue Reading)

اكره حبك

اكره حبك حد الجنونفكل اليالي بدونك سكونو كل ايامي حين لا تغردينتكون هباءًو عيوني حين لا تراكيمغمضةو ليس لي اي عيونتعريف السعادة عنديضياع في عالمكٍعالم لايمكن وصفهلأني ان وصفتهسأحس بأني اخونعالمك سيدتيلم يعرفه البشرو ليس لهم فيهاي امل في السكونسيدتي لن اشكرك ابداًفقد جعلتي ايامي بلا معنىحين نسيتني... (Continue Reading)